How to apply metadata to your image and support the Manifesto:

To express your support for the Embedded Metadata Manifesto you are invited to:
- select one of your images,
- add your metadata to an image,
- email this image to the maintainers of this site (see below)
Your image will then be displayed on this web site.

Each image will be displayed on a discrete page that will look like the example below. The metadata you have added to the image will be automatically retrieved from it and added to the HTML code of the page.

To post your image to this site please follow these guidelines:

A) Select one of the photos for which you own the copyright.
It must be a JPEG file, the width should be greater than 600 pixels. The image will be resized when processed for the EMM website. You may apply a watermark if you like.

B) Populate the following recommended IPTC metadata fields using metadata-enabled software
(The metadata values will be exported to the web page and shown next to the image, see the terms delimited with "::" as placeholders in the example at the bottom of this page.)

  • Headline: Enter a brief publishable synopsis or summary of the contents of the image.
  • Caption:The Description field, often referred to as a “caption”, is used to describe the who, what (and possibly where and when) and why of what is happening in the photograph. If there is a person or people in the image, this caption might include their names, and/or their role in the action that is taking place. If the image is of a location, then it should give information regarding the location.
  • Creator: This field should contain the name of the person who created the photograph. If it is not appropriate to add the name of the photographer (for example, if the identity of the photographer needs to be protected) the name of a company or organisation can also be used.
    + Creator's Website (IPTC Contact Info): please use only one web address!
  • Date Created: Enter the Date the image was taken. (Hint: can be found in the Exif metadata.)
  • Credit Line: The Credit Line is a text field used by the supplier of the item to specify how person(s) and/or organisation(s) should be credited when the image is published.
  • Copyright Owner: Enter your name and Id (this may be a URL) to the Copyright Owner fields of IPTC Extension.
  • Copyright Notice: Enter a Notice on the current owner of the Copyright for this image, such as ©2011 Jane Doe, all rights reserved.
  • Location: (Sublocation), City, Province/State, Country: Location details for the content shown in the image.

C) You may add more IPTC Core or IPTC Extension metadata, which will also be retrieved and displayed in a more formal tabular format at the bottom of the page.

D) Email the image to as an attachment.

If you wish to remove your image from this site send a note to with the web address of the page showing this image - open the page which shows the image and copy & paste the web address from the web browser's address field into the email.

This is an example for the display of an image:


This pictures supports the EMM

::Credit Line::


This picture was taken by ::Creator:: on ::Date Created::

Location: ::Sublocation::, ::City:: (::ProvinceState::) in ::Country::

The copyright owner of this picture is ::CopyrightOwner::

Please acknowledge ::Copyright Notice::


More metadata which are embedded into this image:

Field name Value
a field name the value of this field