Metadata Use Cases

This section shows

  • the benefit of applying metadata to media content
  • the demage done by inadvertently losing or removing metadata

Use case in an advertising context: The Life of a Commercial
Released by Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA).
Some of the information about a commercial is carried in the slate. Other information—or metadata— travels as separate files, in faxes or emails, or as XML sidecars, all very nonstandard. Again, the lack of interoperability between the systems for handling sales, orders, traffic, etc. leads to inefficiencies.

Use case in Digital Asset Management context: A guide to the lifeblood of DAM
White Paper authored by John Horodyski, sponsored by Widen Enterprises.
This white paper will show you the essential building blocks and best practices of metadata for your digital asset management system.

Use case in media asset identification context: On Track
Primer on Asset Identification, used with permission of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)

Use case in the context of a museum: The Museum Use Case
Scenario provided by Sarah Saunders.
A Museum tracks its images from photography through to picture library and distribution.

Use case in the context of audio files:
"A Study of Embedded Metadata Support in Audio Recording Software"
A highly detailled review of current recording software and how much - or: how little - support they give to persisting metadata in a digital workflow. The study was conducted and published by the Association for Recorded Sound Collections.

Use case in the context of a slides archive at a university:
Faculty member catalogs their personal research slide collection
User scenario drafted by Greg Reser.
This scenario outlines how to transfer slides which have been collected by a professor over many years into a digital collection including all the annotations.

Use case in the context of photo publishing web sites:
Preservation of Photo Metadata by Social Media Websites
Released by David Riecks
Anyone downloading an image of yours for reference may not know where that image came from or who to contact, without at least some basic information stored within the image file. Based on preliminary survey data, the amount and type of embedded photo metadata preserved in JPEG images online varies. Much seems to depends on the type of server side software they use and the type of image processing they are performing when resizing, or creating thumbnails.

Use case in the context of photo publishing web sites:
Automated display of embedded photo metadata on a web page
By Michael Steidl/IPTC
Embedded Metadata of a photo is perceived by many people as being invisible. At first sight this is right as when the pixels of a digital image are rendered by software nobody can see the metadata too. But this use case shows how easy it is to retrieve embedded metadata and to display them as text on a web page next to the photo by an automated process.